Issue 4: Table of Contents

Noah Burton

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Sara Biggs Chaney

Love Affair With a Hedgehog

Apology for a Misfired Status Update

Robin Wyatt Dunn

Love Poem

Daniel Hales

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Tempo Map 19

Tempo Map 24

Christine Hamm

Plated and Samantha Before the Fall

Rae Hoffman


Douglas Luman


Jennifer Morales

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Brian Murphy

The Color With You

Lauren Neefe

Si L’on y songe

Abigail Pillitteri


Sara Rauch

My Straight Days Were Numbered

Noah Trammal

Poem with Ice Cream Afterwords

Out on a Walk, I Am Reminded of the Drawing Da Vinci Labeled “And this is how a bird descends,” and Flap My Arms.

Mark Jackley

Upon my Second Divorce I Place Bourbon on a Book

The Telephone Line Sags

Quinn White

The Man Who Became a Lamp

Emily Wilson

Lonicera japonica